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Angamaly South.
Re-accredited by NAAC with A Grade (Cycle 3)

NIRF rank in the band of 150-200

IIC Star Rated(3.5/4) in 2020-2021

ISO Certified

Policies and Procedures


Morning Star College has a standard operating procedure for maintenance and utilization of physical, academic, and support facilities meticulously monitored by the Planning Committee. The staff and students take due care to optimally use the facilities.


Maintenance of Physical facilities


The physical facilities are maintained and monitored by the College Bursar, appointed by the Manager. The campus needs are brought to the notification of the Bursar. The Bursar is responsible for the light, water, sound system, and cleaning on the campus. The Maintenance team includes the Bursar, Mechanic, and cleaning staff. A standard protocol is established to maintain and utilize physical facilities including Classrooms, Laboratories, Library, Computers, Auditorium, Seminar halls, AV room, Gymnasium, Playground, Canteen, Playschool, Generator, Solar panels, etc. Safety measures are ensured through first aid boxes, fire extinguishers, etc.


Maintenance of Infrastructure and its upgrading


Morning star has procedures that ensure infrastructure maintenance and up-gradation. The Staff Council and IQAC assess the current needs in the campus and prepare proposals for infrastructural enhancement. These proposals are forwarded to the Governing Body for sanction. The Governing Body intimates the Bursar regarding steps to be taken to address the needs in the proposal.

Repair and Maintenance issues are registered in a concerned book by the respective departments and the College Bursar promptly attends to these needs. At the end of every academic year, repair works, painting, and servicing are done.




Laboratory Assistants ensure the cleanliness in laboratories and maintenance of lab equipment. Stock registers are kept for entering the purchase of lab components and devices. Annual stock verification related to laboratory equipment, glassware, chemicals, etc. is done by the concerned departments. Concentrated acids and hazardous chemicals are kept separately in fume hoods. The Heads of the Departments annually report to the Principal regarding the necessary maintenance works and purchase of apparatus, equipment, chemicals, etc. The Principal verifies and forwards it to the Purchase Committee. It is then routed to the Accountant who adequately makes the purchase.


ICT Maintenance


ICT maintenance has been outsourced to the technicians of ‘Computer Mate’ who ensure the Annual Maintenance and updating of computers. Technical issues are registered in a book to notify the College Bursar who promptly contacts them and ensures the technical concerns are resolved. IT infrastructure is secured by updating antivirus software.





The Librarian caters to the maintenance and effective functioning of the library with the help of a library assistant. Students are provided Library cards with a lending period of one week (UG students) and two weeks (PG students) after which they are liable to be fined. Damage or loss of books will have to be accounted for with a due fine. The Library Advisory Committee ensures the library facilities are well maintained and are availed to students for their academic enhancement.


Sports Facilities Maintenance

The Head of the Department of Physical Education maintains the sports facilities of the college. Additional requirements are brought to the notice of the College Bursar.  Further, with the consent of the Manager, related decisions are made and the Accountant contacts the Purchase Committee if the procurement has to be done. The safety and security of sports students are prioritized. Periodical servicing and maintenance are undertaken for the equipment in the Health club and Gymnasium.


Campus Cleanliness


Cleanliness and hygiene are maintained in the campus premises by the Bursar with the assistance of the supporting staff and Mechanic. The Bursar allocates each floor to a specific staff who ensures the classrooms and washrooms of the assigned space are neat and tidy. Cleaning of water purifiers is also done on a regular basis.

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